Saturday, October 18, 2014

పోస్ట్ మేన్  పరీక్షా  ప్రాక్టీసు పేపర్స్ :- 

Postman / Mailguard Recruitment Examination (direct) to be held on 26.10.2014. Grant of  leave to staff :-  

Kakinada HO (Visakhapatnam Region, Andhra Pradesh Circle) -  successfully migrated to Finacle on 15-10-2014.
Supdt. of  Post offices Sri MD Azamtulla and other staff 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sri  P. USMAN ALI KHAN   Selected as Best Postmaster in Nandyala Division (KURNOOL Region, A.P cirlce ).  Postmasters  wishing him all the best  and continue the same spirit in feature also.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Sri P.Suresh Goud, Postmater (Gr-I) –Sirisilla P.O has been selected as the Best Post Postmaster under Karimnagar postal division and he was awarded by the Divisional head on 09.10.2014 (world postal day). Wishing him all the best and keep it up.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Do you know ??

On 9 October each year we celebrate World Post Day.Did you know the UK Penny Black, featuring Queen Victoria's portrait was issued on 1 May 1840 and it was the world's first official adhesive postage stamp. The day marks the anniversary of creation of the Universal Postal Union in 1874 in Bern in Switzerland.  Then, in 1969, the Universal Postal Union Congress was held in Japan and they declared October 9th World Post Day.  These days, countries from all around the world celebrate postal systems everywhere!  Nearly 445 billion letters are delivered around the world every year.

  The General body meeting of  Postmaster cadre Association (A.P)  held at  historical place of  Andhra Pradesh has concluded with important decisions  for the cadre.  Even continuous holidays, dussehara festival heavy rush, Bakrid festival many members from A.P and Telangana has been attended the meet and made it was a grand success.   The items of  agenda was thoroughly discussed at the meet and  taken the following decessions unanimously.
1).  To focus the issues and problems has been facing by the cadre a ready made platform is highly needed.  It is crystal clear that the present Postmaster cadre is not in a position to  obtain reorganization.  Postmaster Cadre association at CHq level also trying very well in this issues but results are in vain.  At present  the cadre is not in a position to settle their problems at any level, circle, regional, divisional… All most all circles are rejecting even informal meetings to the association.  The present working unions are not being taken up the issues of this cadre. The cadre issues Like
(a)  One increment on working with higher responsible post.
(b)  Transfer issues.  Even clear vacancies at  A.P state the transfers are pending from postmaters working at Telangana .
© VII CPC cadre restructuring   issues.   
(d) Promotional issues from  Postmater Grade-I to  Grade-II
(e)  Adhoc promotions to   Postmaster Grade-II from Grade-I for unfilled vacancies.
(f) Promotional issues from  permission to  Gr-B and Sr.Postmaster Exams.
(g) Need for increase of  PM Grade-II and Grade- III posts on proportional to Grade-I.
(h) Local problems Viz , Staff shortage, generator problems, computers problems, supply of  adequate material like papers, ribbons etc.
(i) fixing targets ,  work pressure
(j) adhoc promotions to Senior Postmaster from PM-Gr-III
(k)  and other issues.
2). Felicitation to  recently promoted Postmaster Grade-III  officials is postponed and will be taken up shortly.
3).All attended members are unanimously  accepted to resign their present unions and ready to join for the association which is mainly focus on supervisor issues i.e  AIAPS(GL) .
4). The following Postmasters are unanimously selected to start the joining process of  AIAPS (GL) .

Sri  DSK Prasad,  Chairman ( PM Gr-I, Vijayanagar colony,HYD)
Sri  YSR  Srinivasulu, Member (PM Gr-III, Thrimulgherry HPO, HYD)
Sri  M.S. Reddy, Member         (PM Gr-I, Jubileehills,HYD)

5) All attended members have  paid the association subscriptions. All other members are here by requested to send their subscriptions @ Rs. 300/- to  M.S.Reddy, Gr- I Postmaster,  Circle Treasurer, Postmaters cadre association (A.P), Jubileehills , Hyderabad- 500 033.

Some photos of the meet:- 


Friday, October 3, 2014

Dear Postmaster/Supervisor

                We hope that you are following our web sites  and  regularly.  We are very thankful to Sri Ambedkar, Postmaste(Gr-I), Chandramouli Nagar SO, Guntur, Sri R. Anil Kumar, Postmaster (Gr-I), Kankipadu SO and Sri M. Srinivasa Reddy, Postmaster (Gr-I), Jubilee Hills SO, Hyderabad for maintaining and updating the web sites regularly and keeping in touch with all our community.

                We have attend the All India Conference of All India Association of Postmaster Cadre, at Jaipur  alongwith Sri J. Subbarayudu, Postmaster(Gr-II), Malakpet SO, Hyderabad,  Sri MGS Prasad,  Postmaster (Gr-I), Jogipet SO and Sri V Suryanarayana, Postmaster(Gr-I), Yemmiganuru SO.  AIAPC also called
Sri Manoj Bharadwaj, APM, Noida HO, General Secretary, All India Association of Postal Supervisors, New Delhi, the only recognized association of Postal Supervisors, as Chief Guest for the meeting to share his views on Postmasters/Supervisors association requirement.

                Our association has conducted the CWC Meeting of All India Association of Postal Supervisors at Hyderabad.  Our Postmaster Cadre members too attend the meeting and shared their views.
For all the activities and to run the show of the association, we need good financial support from all the members.  Many of our members are yet to send their subscriptions to Treasurer.  Hence, it is requested to send your subscriptions regularly and also which are due to Sri M Srinivasa Reddy, Postmaster (Gr-I), Jubilee Hills SO, Hyderabad – 500033.

All the members/Postmasters/Supervisors of Postmaster Association and Supervisors Association are requested to attend the General Body Meeting at Rajahmundry on 05-10-2014 at Rajahmundry HO at 1000 hrs without fail.  The following points will be discussed during the meeting:

1.            Getting recognition to All India Association of Postmaster Cadre.
2.            Feasibility of joining the All India Association of Postal Supervisors
2.            Grade II Promotions
3.            Congratulating the Postmasters Grade III on their Promotion.
4.            Expenditure incurred from the last General Body Meeting along with subscriptions
5.            Any other point with the permission of President.

YSR Srinivasulu                       DSK Prasad                                           M Srinivasa Reddy
Postmaster (Gr-III)                 Postmaster (Gr-I)                                     Postmaster (Gr-I)
President                                 Secretary                                                 Treasurer
Trimulgherry HO                     Vijayanagar Colony SO                            Jubilee Hills SO
Hyderabad – 500015             Hyderabad – 500057                                Hyderabad - 500033