Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rule 5. CCS (RP)-2016 says: Drawal of pay in the revised pay structure.– Save as otherwise provided in these rules, a Government servant shall draw pay in the Level in the revised pay structure applicable to the post to which he is appointed: Provided that a Government servant may elect to continue to draw pay in the existing pay structure until the  date on which he earns his next or any subsequent increment in the existing pay structure or until he vacates his post or ceases to draw pay in the existing pay structure:
Provided further that in cases where a Government servant has been placed in a higher grade pay or scale between 1st day of January, 2016 and the date of notification of these rules on account of promotion or upgradation, the Government servant may elect to switch over to the revised pay structure from the date of such promotion orupgradation, as the case may be.


OPTION NUMBER 02:-   One can opt to continue to draw in old pay until

Let  X is drawing pay (G.Pay: Rs 2800)   16490 in VI CPC is opted to fix his pay on DNI (01.07.2016)  what is the benefit:

On  01.01.2016   Pay:  16490

      01.07.2016      Rs.   16990

 Pay fixed in   7 CPC  :   (16990*2.57 = 43664)    PAY MATRIX LEVEL 5  :  Rs.44100

Note : If he opted to fix his pay on 01.01.2016  his new pay is : (16490*2.57=42379) fixed at Rs. 42800 on 01.07.2016  pay is Rs.  44100.

(b)Date of Subsequent Increment:  Let he opts to fix on subsequent increment i.e on 01.07.2017.

  Pay on ; 01.07.2016        Rs. 16990
 On            01.07.2017       Rs.17500

Pay fixed in    7 CPC  :  (17500*2.57= 44975 ) fixed at Rs. 45400.

Note : If he opted to fix his pay on 01.01.2016  . his pay on 01.01.2016 is   Rs. 42800  and on 01.07.2016 his pay is Rs.44100/-  on 01.07.2017  Rs. 45400.

 fixation of pay on next and Subsequent increment is not useful for general cases  and loss of arrears also.
(c) Vacates His post / Ceases to draw in existing Pay Structure:
Applicable in some special cases only.

(D) PROMOTION / MACP (UPGRADATIONS) TOOK PLACE BETEEN 01.01.2016 TO 25.07.2016 (Date of notification  of Rules) :-

The  Promoted/ Upgraded employees  falling between  this dates can opt to fix pay from Date of  promotion/ up gradation.   And they will exercise  FR22 (i) (a) (i)  also.

The case of those promoted after issue of gazette notification is not a new one.  In all pay commissions such a clause from date of implementation to date of gazette is the cutoff date for exercise option for Promotions.  On consultation with   so many account experts clarified that we cannot interpret the  Rule-5 CCS (RP)-2016 as a general case to opt at any time after Gazette . HENCE THOSE WHO GOT PROMOTED  / MACP UPGRADED AFTER 25.07.2016  HAS NO OPTION TO CONTINUE TO DRAW IN OLD PAY TILL PROMOTION / UPGRADATION.   Only way to opt fixation on 01.01.2016 . This is a heavy Loss to employees under Rs.2800  promoted to Rs. 4200/- . Impact of  7th CPC on this employees is huge loss in pay and allowances compared with others just promoted in few months.  (by :- M.S.Reddy : (P.O & RMS) –Ex Accountant)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The  A.P postal circle bifurcated into  T.S and A.P circles. But cadre distribution and preparation circle gradation lists are not yet completed in both circles. All Postal staff under telugu circles are eagerly  waiting for cadre restructuring.  But the process for  allotment of cadre to circles, identification of  offices under each category, conveyance of  DPCs, staff postings etc, the process seems to be delay. As per  un official source of information  this issue will take up to end of this year.  Carving out from LSG /HSG offices to  PM Grade, etc not taken up by any circles till date.  This issue will take further delay.  The delay process will badly effect the promotional avenues of the staff.      

Greetings on JANMASTHAMI : known as Krishnashtami is an annual celebration of birth of  Hindu deity Krishna, the 8th Avatar of lord Vishnu. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Telugu girl “Sindhu” : The pride of INDIA

P.V. Sindhu the first Indian woman (5th woman from India to win a medal at Olympics) to win individual Silver at Olympics. Not only this she was the youngest Indian ever to win a medal at  the Olympics.  I am really proud to know that the sindhu’s mother Smt. Vijaya belongs to  the village “ Devarakota “, Ghantasala Mandal, Krishna dist, A.P the nearest of my birth place Challapalli.  She belongs to “Donepudi” family which is a strong in educational and economical position in this area.   The Grand parents at the village are celebrating the “sindhu’s”  Rio-Victory and planning to felicitate in  a grand way during her visit to Vijayawada.   Hats off to you….

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

LATEST C.O News on Postmaster grade issues :-  

Today Sri DSK Prasad,  AIAPS (gl), G.S, A.P circle   and other 5-member team of  A.P and Telangana Circle visited C.O,Hyderabad.  They met the both A.P and T.S circle  DPS  and  APMG staff and got clarification on Postmaster Cadre promotional issues.  

The information is:-
    ** The bifurcation of  A.P circle and distribution of staff is not yet completed.
·        *** The separate gradation lists for both circles for  Postmaster cadre is under process.
·        *** After division of  cadre the promotion issues will be taken up.
·        *** It will take by the end of this month.   
·        ****2- officials opted to Telangana circle and 3- opted to A.P circle from Pm Gr-I
·        ** No change of  options  from existing circle to other received in respect of PM Gr-II and PM Gr-III cadre.

The AIAPS (gl) :A.P circle submitted the memorandum  to both  CPMGs requesting  to take early action on the issues of Postmaster cadre.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hyderabad C.O news  ::  on Postmaster Grade Promotions (regular/one time )  :  The  C.O Hyderabad still doing on segregation of  Circle cadre issues.  This process will finalise by the end of this month.  As per reliable source  the promotion issues of  Postmaster Grade will take further  2 to 3- weeks delay due to this cadre  options to A.P and Telanagana Circles.