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Friday, August 25, 2017

One time Relaxation  for  rule 38 transfers :  Posting orders issued by Hyderabad city  Division. 

Ganapathi puja  at  Trimulgherry (Hyderabad) H.O by Sri YSR Srinivasulu, PM Gr-III

M.Sreenivas reddy on his promotion to Postmaster Grade-II to  Sanjeev reddy nagar Post office, Hyderabad. Send off party by  staff  at Sringar colony Post office. 

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Un settled anomaly  on   MACP   granting issue to some cadre  even 7th  CPC implementations:
Modified  Assured career progression Scheme (MACP) for central govt. civilian employees   counted  from  (1)  on completion of 10,20 and  30 years of  service – for Direct entry grade.
         (2)   spent 10 years continuously in the same grade- pay.
Let us discuss  MACP  -  with two cases  one is for  direct entry   and  other is  Promotion case (LDCE) in Postal dept.
CASE:01    :     Direct  entry  ( Through  Exam):
                       Let Mr.X  joined in  postal dept . as  Postal Assistant (PA)  as direct candidate on  27.4.1997 grade pay  is Rs. 2400/-   let he has not get any promotions till date.      

1.      DOE:      27.04.1997 : G.pay: 2400
2.     MACP- I  :  01.09.2008    ( implementation of MACP date) : G.pay: Rs.2800/-
3.     MACP-II   : 27.04.2017  ( let he has  nil   n.q.s.) (20 YEARS OF Q.S)  : G.Pay ; Rs.4200/-
4.     MACP-III   27.04.2027 ( 10 YEARS FROM MACP-II  OR 30 YEARS OF Q.S): G.pay.Rs.4600/-
CASE:02 :      Promotion through departmental exam from Postman to PA:-
            Let  Mr.Y joined in the dept. as  Postman on  01.01.1992  g.pay Rs. 2000.  He got promotion as Postal Assistant (PA)  on   27.04.1997 g.pay  Rs.2800/-  Let he has not get any other promotions till date.

1.     DOE;  01.01.1997  (Postman) : Gpay: 2000
2.     Promotion (PA): 27.04.1997:  MACP-I  (first promotion taken as Macp-i) : G.pay: 2400
3.     MACP:II   :   01.09.2008  ( implementation of  MACP )  ; G.pay; Rs. 2800/-
4.     MACP-III  ;   01.09.2018  : (  after 10 years spent in same grade pay);  G.pay: Rs 4200/-
5.     27.04.2017 :;   No  further MACP:
Even in   7th CPC  implementations this heavy  Loss causes to  many promo tees not settled.  when a person got promotion even having same service on par with other direct candidates facing heavy loss under MACP fixations.   The stagnation of  pay should be settled.   //by: M.S.Reddy: ex –Accountant (PO&RMS): Hyderabad-73//


Friday, June 16, 2017

                       TELUGU  LEGENDARY WRITER  "CENARE"
                        ( SINGIREDDY NARAYANA REDDY ) DIVI KEGI CENARE..........